This page contains content that comes from an M-Rated game
While being stylized, some art has blood, gore, and occult symbolism.
This was a project I began in May of 2017. The aim of the project was to create vector artwork of every single item present in the game The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth by Edmund McMillen. All the game's items, including icons for the playable characters, boss portrait artwork, and some other items present in Fan expansions of the game, are present. See the Q&A at the bottom for more information.
Player Icons
Boss Portraits
Pickup Icons
Item Icons
Bonus Items & Fan Items
Antibirth Items
Antibirth Trinkets
How Many Icons Are There?
Including Bonus Items, Pickups, Portraits, and Player Icons, there are over 800 individual icons.
Why The Binding of Isaac?
In spite of it's potentially disturbing or upsetting themes, the game utilizes a cartoon art style that easily translates into a high-resolution form.
Tackling all the items proved to be great practice for my graphic skills, as the game has an astounding variety of items and item themes.
What tools did you use?
I used Adobe Illustrator for drawing all the icons. I imported them into Adobe Photoshop to rasterize them and implement them into my mod.
May I use your icons for a personal project?
Of course! Just contact me first and elaborate on what you'd like to use them for!
Will you make vectors for the rest of the game (bosses, enemies, players)?
Not only would it take forever, but fans would be gone by the time I finish! I love the Binding of Isaac community, but I know my limits. I do look forward to creating additional art for the Repentance expansion!

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