This project aims to adjust the design of the Kellogg's Mini Wheats
cereal packaging and mascot in order more effectively communicate
its current brand image.
Many adjustments are minor, such as reducing reds in the packaging. Reds make viewers think something is "savory", reminding them of meats or fat-rich vegetables. Reducing reds also allows the neutral colored cereal and Kellogg's logo to pop out from the packaging. The multiple grades of orange have also
been replaced with a single Pantone color. The reduction in the color palette's complexity attracts more of an adult audience for the cereal, without losing its existing appeal to children.
The mascot of Mini Wheats, an animated piece of the cereal, has been re hauled with a simpler design that imitates the previous brand icon's more doodled character design. It maintains the expressiveness of the current brand image, but reduces the current design's passé CGI features. The arms, legs, and shoes have also received a more painterly look, to further reduce CGI elements.
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